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S311 CPR Simon Full Body Simulator


The CPR Simon w/ the OMNI® Code Blue Pack is a quality CPR simulator designed with realistic landmarks and one-piece disposable airways to practice and hone airway management and ventilation skills. The included OMNI® Code Blue Pack allows participants to receive feedback and monitor CPR quality metrics in real-time. Prewired for CPRLink™ for a first-class BLS program.

Disposable airways to practice hygienic mouth-to-mouth ventilation
Fully articulating head, neck, and jaw permitting head/tilt, chin lift, jaw thrust, and neck extension into the “sniffing” position
Airway blocked when the head is forward
Realistic chest rise during ventilation
Carotid and femoral arterial pulse sites
Eyes open and close; one pupil is dilated
Instrumented for Code Blue®/CPR Link™ which monitor the cadence and depth of cardiac compression and airway ventilation
Femoral venous site
Intramuscular (IM) Injection Sites on the deltoids, quadriceps, and left gluteus medius
Jointed elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles
10 disposable airways
Detachable at the waist for easy storage
Instruction Manual
Carrying bag
Monitor and log compressions and ventilations with included OMNI Code Blue pack. Connect OMNI to any computer, OR view feedback in your OMNI screen for maximum mobility