Family CPR Manikins PP-FM-300M-MS


Prestan family consists of the Adult, Child and Infant CPR Manikins the manikins are each equipped with the CPR Rate Monitor.


Prestan family consists of the Adult, Child and Infant CPR Manikins.


Prestan Adult CPR training manikin with lights in the shoulder showing compression rate and depth.

Audible clicker with realistic chest compression and ventilation.


The Prestan Child Manikin is designed to look like a child verses an adult with less prominent body structures and softer, more childlike facial features. It is smaller and thinner than the Prestan Adult Manikin. Yet, still realistic to the eye and the touch.


Life-like features and weight allows for realistic infant CPR training. Sculpted body contours and realistic skin feel help prepare students for real life rescues. A head that simulates the way an actual infant’s head would move. Face/head tilt enhances the CPR learning experience and teaches students how to open the airway during CPR.

What you get.

Along with the manikins you also get a convenient  carry bag that all the manikins fit in. It also comes with 3 packs of 10 lung bags for the Adult, Child and Infant manikin.