About Us

Anatomical Parts & Charts have been in business for the last 23 years, supplying products from around the globe for medical education.

Whether it be a chart, anatomy model, skills trainer or High Fidelity Manikins, we are there to assist you.

We specialize in setting up Simulation Centers and training the staff in the use of the Gaumard Tetherless (wireless) High Fidelity Manikins.

Although students spend many hours in the clinical environment, you cannot order patients with specific conditions. When working on the Tetherless Manikins you can basically get them to produce any form of illness or real life situation you may want to simulate . Students can read up conditions, signs and symptoms in books a thousand times, however, unless they experience this physically and see it for themselves it often does not get remembered.

The Tetherless (high fidelity) Manikins are designed to use real equipment that is used in the hospitals and will display actual values when using defibrillators, AED’s, ECG, manual BP, pulse oximeters. By using real equipment, the students are not as intimidated when they face this equipment in a real situation.

Our aim is to have exceptionally well trained medical / nursing staff that can deal with any situation effectively and efficiently, which ultimately results in better outcomes for patients. Let us also consider the trauma for the families every time something goes wrong, that could have been avoided.

Our goal is to supply reliable products and manikins with well trained end users and exceptional after-sales service.

We have been trained internationally on Simulation and on all the products that we supply in order to ensure that the end users can utilize these products to their full potential. Setting up and training staff, is part of our service, as we believe there is no point in having highly advanced equipment without being able to utilize it correctly. We have built our business in the last 22 years on the fact that we care about our products, and the service that we offer after the goods have been supplied.