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Super Tory S2220 The World’s Most Advanced Newborn Simulator


Born to Revolutionize Neonatal Care Training.

Super Tory is the first newborn simulator developed to meet the challenges of neonatal care specialist training in real environments. Active movement, true ventilator support, real patient monitoring, and all-day battery life. These are just a few of the revolutionary new capabilities which allow Super Tory to simulate complex pathologies and respond to interventions with unparalleled realism.
The next generation in simulation is here.


• Age: Full-term newborn
• Weight: 3.6 kg.
• Length: 53 cm.
• Tetherless and wireless; fully responsive during transport
• Wireless control at distances up to 100 m.
• Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hr. of tetherless operation
• Smooth and supple full- body skin with seamless trunk and limb joints
• Programmable movement: blinking, mouth open and close, arm and leg flexion and extension
• Realistic joint articulation: neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee
• Forearm pronation and supination
• Lifelike umbilicus and post cord detachment navel
• Palpable bony landmarks
• Near-silent operation
• NOELLE® Fetus-Newborn wireless link capability
• Tablet PC preloaded with UNI® included

• Crying/grunting with visible mouth movement
• Blinking eyes
• Seizures/convulsions
• Programmable muscle tone: active, reduced, and limp

• Anatomically accurate oral cavity and airway
• Nasotracheal/orotracheal intubation (ETT, laryngeal airway)
• Head tilt, chin lift, jaw thrust
• Supports esophageal intubation
• NG/OG tube placement
• Bag-valve-mask ventilation support
• Neck hyperextension and flexion airway obstruction with event capture and logging
• Intubation depth detection and software event log

• Spontaneous, continuous breathing
• Variable respiratory rates and inspiratory/ expiratory ratios
• Programmable unilateral chest rise and fall
• Unilateral lung sounds synchronized with respiratory rate
• Programmable retractions, “see-saw” breathing
• Mechanical ventilation support
Supports PEEP (up to 20 cmH2O)
Dynamic airway and lung controls
Variable lung compliance
Bilateral bronchi resistance
• Programmable respiratory efforts for weaning/liberation
• Unilateral chest rise with right mainstem intubation (Automatic detection and logging)
• Real-time ventilation feedback
• Bilateral, midaxillary pneumothorax sites support needle decompression and chest tube insertion
• Pneumothorax sites feature palpable bony landmarks, realistic skin for cutting and suturing, bleeding, tactile pleural pop, and fluid drain
• Visible chest rise during bag-valve-mask ventilation
• Supports EtCO2 monitoring using real sensors and monitoring devices

• Visible cyanosis, jaundice, paleness, and redness with variable intensities
• Supports manual capillary refill time assessment on the left foot (Automatic detection and logging)
• Programmable fontanel: depressed, normal, and bulging
• Palpable pulses: brachial, femoral, and umbilical
• Pulse palpation event detection and logging
• Blood pressure dependent pulses
• Supports blood pressure monitoring using real NIBP cuff
• Audible Korotkoff sounds
• Preductal (right hand) and postductal (right foot) SpO2 monitoring using real devices

• Includes comprehensive library of ECG rhythms with customizable beat variations
• Supports ECG monitoring using real devices
• Supports ECG-derived respiration monitoring (EDR)
• eCPR™ Real-time quality feedback and reporting time to CPR
Compression depth/rate
Compression interruptions
Ventilation rate
Excessive ventilation
Smart CPR voice coach
• Chest compression depth sensor
• Defibrillate, cardiovert, and pace using real devices and energy
• Effective chest compressions generate palpable femoral pulses and ECG activity
• Healthy and abnormal heart sounds
• Supports virtual pacing and defibrillation

Vascular Access
• IV cannulation: bolus, infusion, and sampling
• Umbilical catheterization (UVC/UAC): continuous infusion and sampling
• Bilateral IO tibial infusion

• Programmable abdominal distension
• Urinary catheterization with return
• Normal and abnormal bowel sounds


Video of Super Tory in Action




S2220 Super Tory Brochure