NOELLE® S552 – Automatic Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso with OMNI®


Gaumard® childbirth simulators have been part of Maternal and Child Health programs for more than 50 years. This comprehensive teaching system combines the best of our patient care simulators with the Advanced Childbirth simulator. It is designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during and after delivery.

•Full size upper and lower female torso
•Removable stomach cover
•One articulating birthing baby with umbilical cord and placenta
•Automatic birthing system that rotates baby as it moves through the birth canal
•Measure head descent and cervical dilation
•Multiple placenta positions
•Replaceable dilating cervices
•Practice postpartum suturing on vulval inserts
•Practice Leopold Maneuvers

Supplied with:
•Two umbilical cords
•Two dilating cervices
•Two umbilical clamps
•Two vulval inserts
•One Omni™ controller
•Three vulva for postpartum suturing
•Talcum powder and silicone lubricant
•NOELLE® training guide
•NOELLE® teaching guide with scenarios
•Carrying bag