NOELLE® S550.100.250 Childbirth and Neonatal Resuscitation Patient Simulators with OMNI® 2


The NOELLE S550.100.250 is a complete simulation-based training package designed to make setup, implementation, and operation simple and easy. It includes everything you need to train including a NOELLE automatic birthing simulator, a resuscitation neonate, two OMNI 2 control tablets, a virtual patient monitor, and training guidebooks.


• Full-body patient simulator
• OMNI 2 wireless tablet control
• Articulated neck, jaw, arms and legs
• Eyes open and close manually
• Visible vocal cords
• Head-tilt, chin-lift and jaw-thrust
• Oral/Nasal Intubation (ETT/LMA)
• Esophagal intubation
• Visible chest rise with BVM ventilation
• Ventilations are measured and logged
• IV training arm
• Anterolateral thigh IM Sites
• eCPR™ – Realtime CPR effectiveness sensors
• Bilateral carotid, radial and brachial pulses (Manual)
• Virtual patient monitoring (Optional)

Labor and Delivery
• Multiple Birthing Positions
• Leopold and external cephalic version training
• Virtual fetal monitoring: TOCO and FHR (Optional)
• Pelvic Landmarks
• Realistic cervical dilation
• Programmable fetal heat tones
• Precision delivery system
• Programmable labor speed
• Computer controlled fetal descent
• Cephalic deliveries – Vacuum – Forceps
• Shoulder dystocia deliveries – Visible fetal head retraction – Subrapubic pressure – McRoberts – Zavanelli
• Breech delivery – Frank, complete, footling – Loveset maneuver – Mauriceau-Smellie-Veit
• Cesarean delivery
• Realistic placenta with detachable fragments
• Umbilical cord supports clamping and cutting
• Simulate nuchal cord, cord prolapse and true knots.

Simulator Components
• Palpable fontanels and sutures
• Articulated head and limb joints
• Breech and cephalic delivery positions
• Supports suctioning technique training

Postpartum Care
• Replaceable episiotomy training inserts
• Palpable fundus
• Adjustable uterine muscle tone for fundal massage training (Boggy/Tonic)
• Postpartum bleeding
• Includes blood tank reservoir
• Supports balloon tamponade

Pedi Blue S320.100 with OMNI 2
• Full-term neonate
• Wireless OMNI 2 control
• Nasal/oral intubation
• Programmable central and peripheral cyanosis
• eCPR™ – Real-time CPR effecitveness sensors
• Visible chest rise with bag valve mask ventilation
• IV training arm (Option)
• Umbilical pulse
• Catheterizable umbilical cord
• Nastrogastric intubation

OMNI 2 – Wireless Tablet
• Program over 35 vital sign parameters including:
• HR, ECG, RR, BP, O2SAT, ETCO2, pulses and more
• Virtual patient monitor wireless link
• Comprehensive ECG library
• eCPR™ – CPR real-time effectiveness monitoring and smart trainer
• Automatic delivery controls: pause, resume, descent speed, reset
• Shoulder dystocia controls
• Fetal monitor controls – Fetal heart baseline, variability and accel/decels – Contraction frequency, duration, intensity and resting tone – Coupling, variability, spontaneous changes
• Neonatal respiratory distress modeling
• Neonatal resuscitation trainer

Virtual Patient Monitor
• Touchscreen virtual patient monitor
• Customizable layout can mimic standard patient monitors
• Customizable high/low alarms
• Displays numerical parameters including: HR, ECG, RR, BP, O2SAT, ETCO2
• Displays waveforms including: ECG, BP, SPO2, RR, ETCO2
• Simulated fetal monitor: FHR and TOCO strip
• EFM and FSE heart tones
• Trace history with print capability
• Wireless link to OMNI 2

Package Includes
• NOELLE, OMNI 2 Tablet (charger, USB, quick start guide), automatic birthing system, birth canal, placenta, umbilical cords, lubricant, birthing fetus, abdominal cover, 48-hour uterus, blood kit, episiotomy kit, user guide, power supply, veins set, carrying bag
• PEDI Blue S320.100, OMNI 2 Tablet, accessories
• 1-Year limited warranty

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S550.100.250 Noelle Childbirth Patient Simulator Omni2