Newborn Intraosseous Infusion and Injection Leg Skills Trainer S409


The Susie® and Simon® intraosseous leg simulates that of a newborn. A replaceable tibial bone lies under a smooth outer skin. It includes anatomic landmarks for teaching intraosseous access and infusion. A femoral vein/artery pair and an intramuscular injection site are included.

  •    Newborn-sized right leg
  •    Mounted on smoked Lucite® base
  •    Blood bag and stand provide continual blood supply
  •    Intraosseous vascular access
  •    Realistic “pop” as needle penetrates cortex and enters bone marrow
  •    Blood return upon successful entry
  •    Veins withstand multiple needle sticks
  •    Easily replaceable skins and veins
  •    Sixteen interchangeable, realistic tibial bone inserts
  •    Includes soft carrying bag