1-Year-Old Patient Intraosseous Infusion and Injection Leg Skills Trainer (S407)


The Mike® and Michelle® Intraosseous leg simulates that of an average one (1) year-old child. The leg is attached to a half section of a lower torso. A replaceable tibial bone lies under a smooth outer skin, and is molded with anatomic landmarks for teaching intraosseous access and infusion. A femoral vein/ artery pair and an intramuscular injection site are included.


  •  Intraosseous vascular access
  •  Sixteen (16) interchangeable, realistic tibial bones
  •  Realistic “pop” as needle penetrates cortex and enters bone marrow
  •  Blood return upon successful entry
  •  Infusion of fluid/medications
  •  Easily replaceable skins and veins that withstand multiple needle sticks
  •  Mounted on smoked Lucite® base and supplied with blood bag and stand, synthetic blood concentrate, squeeze bulb, and spare leg skin
  •  Soft carrying bag
  •  Instruction manual