The DxBAT® will dramatically increase the fidelity of your standardized patient encounters by automatically providing case-tailored auscultatory findings correlating to your clinical scenario.

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It maintains the realism of the clinical encounter since it only adds a disc attachment to virtually any real stethoscope, a necklace, and a smartphone on a belt clip. Thus, it does not hinder physical examination procedures such as inspection, on-skin auscultation, palpation, percussion, etc.


Our patented technology (US pats. 9552745, 9601031, and other US and intl. pending), tracks a stethoscope’s location anywhere on the torso and neck. Furthermore, it monitors the patient’s body position, allowing the trainee to auscultate the right sound at the right place at the right time without any intervention from a facilitator.


Simulated sounds are synchronized in real-time to the SP’s real cardiac and respiratory cycles. Hence, the trainee can properly identify heart and lung pathologies (i.e. systolic vs. diastolic murmurs, inspiratory vs. expiratory adventitious sounds, etc.)


Intuitive smartphone app lets the SP or facilitator select a simulated clinical presentation. Then it automatically delivers auscultatory findings as required (and can DxCAST them to others as well)