OB Susie® S500.200 Advanced Childbirth Skills Trainer



A versatile simulator using durable elements proven in years of service throughout the world.

· Lightweight birthing torso available in light, medium or dark skin colors
· Vertex or breech deliveries
· Vacuum augmentation or forceps assisted deliveries
·Replaceable vulval inserts and highly distensible cervices
· Removable abdominal and opaque covers
· Audible maternal heart sounds from 0 to 200 bpm
· Audible newborn heart sounds from 0 to 220 bpm
· Audible newborn cries, grunting, and stridor
· Fetus with elevating pillow for practicing Leopold maneuvers
· Rectum allows medication

Birthing Baby Having:
· Two placentas with removable fragments
· Four umbilical cords
· Two connectors
· Two umbilical clips
· Birthing baby having skull with fontanelles
· Audible heart rate from 0 to 220 bpm
· Soft face skin fits over head for vacuum/forceps delivery

Newborn Baby Having:
· Umbilical pulse operated by squeeze bulb
· Head cap to minimize hypothermia
· Umbilical catheterizaton

Other Features
· Postpartum hemorrhage 1.25 liters of fluid
· Control postpartum hemorrhage by massaging uterus
· Bladder catheterization with variable urinary flow

· Battery powered. Four AA cells capable of more than 30 hours of operation
· Midwifery gown with snaps
· Two pair of non-latex gloves
· Suction bulb
· Conventional stethoscope
· Pinard stethoscope
· Blood collection stand with squeeze bulb to regulate pressure
· Simulated Blood concentrate
· Simulated urine concentrate
· One non-sterile urinary catheter (not for human use)
· Three distensible cervices
· Two placentas with removable fragments
· Silicone lubricant and talcum powder
· Directions for use
· Transportation and storage bag