Understanding Your Weight


This chart is a visual tool that facilitates patient and health professional discussion about what to do about excess weight. In addition to explaining the ‘why’ of weight gain, it provides tangible and unintimidating next steps, improving patient compliance and adherence to a weight reduction program. This visual chart addresses topics such as Energy balance determines body weight; Factors that affect energy balance – energy intake (calories consumed) and energy expenditure (calories burned). It provides details on a key factor in burning calories-metabolism-which accounts for approximately 60-75% of energy expenditure. It includes key steps on how to lose excess weight, including goal setting, making small changes, and discussing other options with a physician if lifestyle changes are not sufficient. It suggests ways to improve diet and increase physical activity, such as recognizing eating behavior/patterns and looking for ways to be active throughout the day.


Code: 3201

Size: 50x66cm