Understanding Stroke Anatomical Chart 9868


Redesigned for easier comprehension, Understanding Stroke Second Edition provides essential information regarding stroke.

It explains and illustrates stroke, including the two main types: ischemic and hemorrhagic.
For ischemic stroke, the chart shows common sites of plaque formation and formation of a thrombus and embolus.
For hemorrhagic strokes, the chart illustrates the brain with intracerebral hemorrhage and arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Illustrations show the Circle of Willis with aneurysm and cross-section of brain with subarachnoid hemorrhage, arterioles, and microaneurysm.

The chart also provides illustrations of the brain, explains its functional areas and their roles in the body, describes events leading to a stroke, and lists risk factors and common neurological deficits after stroke.


Size = 51cm x 66cm