PEDI Blue Newborn S320.100 – Newborn CPR Patient Simulator with SmartSkin™ and OMNI


The S320.100 PEDI Blue Neonatal manikin is a spectacular neonate newborn simulator which changes cyanosis color based upon an initial pre-selected condition and measures the effectiveness of CPR, airway ventilation and chest compression. In addition, the simulator has all the conventional features found in airway management trainers. Optional accessories include an intraosseous leg and an injection training arm.

  •  Prominent venous network
  •  Full size articulating neonate
  •  Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus for airway management exercises
  •  Internal organs for unparalleled CPR performance
  •  Oral or nasal intubation plus suctioning
  •  Crico prominence permits the Sellick maneuver
  •  Bilateral lung expansion with realistic chest rise
  •  Practice intubation using a Miller 1 blade and uncuffed 2.5 ET tube or LMA
  •  View peripheral and central cyanosis as well as healthy skin tone
  •  Practice umbilical catheterization and simulate pulsatile element with use of hand-held squeeze bulb
  •  Simulate neonatal CPR with either two-thumb “encircling” technique or two finger alternate compression method
  •  Practice delicate IO access with optional intraosseous leg
  •  Practice injection and intravenous techniques with optional training arm BVM with Realistic Chest Rise Bilateral lung expansion with realistic chest rise during BVM.
Simulator Components
  •  PEDI Blue neonate
  •  Omni® Controller for managing cyanosis and monitoring CPR
  •  Omni® Code Blue® pack
  •  International power supply 100-240 VAC
  •  Connecting cables
  •  Instruction manual
  •  Carrying bag