NOELLE® S574.100 – Wireless and Tetherless, Maternal Care Patient Simulator


Prepare your students and staff for even the most complex cases in obstetrics and maternal-child care with the help of the most trusted high-fidelity birthing simulator in the world. At the click of a button, NOELLE can simulate ante-partum complications, routine and high-risk deliveries, and postpartum emergencies essential in competency-based training and team building exercises. Learn why educators worldwide recognize NOELLE as an integral part of their simulation based training program — whether in a sim lab, in-situ, or mobile unit.



NOELLE Features

  • Anatomy
  • Age group: Adult
  • Weight 70 lbs. / 32kg
  • Height 69 in / 175 cm
  • Realistic neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle articulation
  • Allows supine or semi-recumbent positions
  • Roll to left lateral position
  • Supports birthing on stirrups, foot paddles, and gaskin position

Wireless Connectivity

  • Tetherless and fully responsive even while being transported
  • Wireless control at distances of up to 300 Ft. (100 m).
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hrs. of tetherless operation
  • Supports continuous operation on AC power
  • Pneumatic and fluid reservoirs are housed inside the body
  • NOELLE® Fetus-Newborn wireless link capability

Labor and Delivery

  • Automatic and fully programmable birthing mechanism simulates descent and cardinal movements
  • Precise labor scenario repeatability for competency based training and assessment
  • Preprogrammed library of 49+ scenarios included
  • Delivery warp factor; simulate lengthy labor scenarios as fast as 2 minutes
  • Easily create, share your own scenarios
  • Change maternal, fetal or delivery conditions on-the-fly
  • ROA, LOA,LOP or ROP positions simulate OA or OP deliveries
  • Palpation abdominal cover features fetus in an amniotic sac for realistic Leopold’s and version exercises
  • Practice epidural procedures on a spinal cord insert with skin layer, subcutaneous layer, connective tissue, and lumbar vertebrae
  • Epidural placement detection
  • Monitor traction applied to the fetal head and body
  • Anatomic landmarks include bilateral ischial spines, coccyx and pubic bone
  • Realistic birth canal with dilating cervix
  • Fetus rotates, dips and rises during delivery
  • Palpable contractions
  • Programmable intrapartum bleeding
  • Simulate placenta previa, retained placenta, and retrained fragments complications
  • Simulate cord complications including nuchal cord, cord prolapse, true knots
  • Replaceable cord supports clamping and cutting

Shoulder Dystocia

  • Realistic retraction of the fetal head against the perineum
  • Turtle signs are synchronized with contractions and fetal heart rate shown on the fetal monitor
  • Strong hip-joints allow for McRoberts maneuvers
  • Programmable dystocia so that each student receives exactly the same scenario
  • Supports Wood’s screw, arm sweeps, Lovset, and more

Breech Presentation

  • Articulating hip and knee joints allow realistic Frank, complete, and footling breech delivery simulations

Instrument Assisted Delivery

  • Supports forceps and vacuum-assisted delivery using real instruments


  • Supports abdominal incision using real surgical instruments
  • C-section abdominal skin features subcutaneous, fascia, rectus muscle, and peritoneum
  • Preprogrammed C-section scenarios included


  • Palpable fundus with programmable uterine contractions
  • Internal 1L hemorrhage reservoir
  • Uterine bleeding
  • Manage uterine hemorrhage using medications or a balloon tamponade
  • Episiotomy repair inserts simulate human tissue that can be sutured closed repeatedly

Birthing Fetus

  • Vertex and breech fetus included
  • Head features fontanelles and sutures
  • Head cover for forceps or vacuum augmentation during delivery
  • Head flexes as it moves through birth canal
  • Jointed arms and legs allow advanced obstetrical maneuvers
  • Suction mouth

Dynamic Perinatal Monitor

  • Programmable uterine activity
  • Control frequency, duration and intensity of contractions, resting tone, decels
  • On-demand contractions
  • Program fetal heart rate and baseline, variability
  • Control episodic, periodic, and variable changes
  • Generate FHR patterns at any time
  • Virtual external fetal monitoring or the fetal spinal electrode tones
  • Review up to 2 hours of recorded fetal tracings
  • Save/print fetal tracings for debriefing


  • Program tongue edema and pharyngeal swelling
  • Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing
  • Nasal or oral intubation
  • Sensors detect depth of intubation
  • Head tilt/ chin lift, jaw thrust
  • Bag-Valve-Mask ventilation
  • Placement of conventional airway adjuncts
  • Endotracheal intubation using conventional ETTs
  • Sellick maneuver brings vocal cords into view


  • Automatic chest rise is synchronized with respiratory patterns
  • Independent left or right lung sounds synchronized with breathing
  • Ventilation may be assisted using BVM, ETT, or LMA
  • Ventilations are measured and logged
  • Detection and logging of ventilations and compressions
  • Simulated spontaneous breathing
  • Variable respiratory rates and inspiratory/expiratory ratios
  • Bilateral chest rise and fall
  • Normal and abnormal breath sounds
  • Anterior auscultation sites


  • eCPRTM Real-time CPR performance monitor and trainer
  • Chest compressions generate palpable blood pressure wave form and ECG artifacts
  • Normal and abnormal heart sounds
  • Heart sounds synchronized with ECG
  • ECGs are generated in real time with physiologic variations
  • Optional automatic mode allows to show virtual dynamic ECG rhythms for each of the 12 leads


  • Measure blood pressure by palpation or auscultation using real instruments
  • Korotkoff sounds audible between systolic and diastolic pressures
  • Oxygen saturation detected using real monitors
  • Pulse sites synchronized with BP and heart rate
  • Bilateral IV arms with fill/drain sites
  • Optional drug recognition system
  • SubQ and IM injection sites
  • Chest compressions are measured and logged
  • ECG monitoring using real devices
  • Defibrillate, cardiovert and pace using real devices
  • ECG rhythms are generated in real time
  • Bilateral carotid, radial, and brachial pulses synchronized with ECG
  • Pulses vary with blood pressure, are continuous and synchronized with the ECG even during a paced rhythm

Neural Responses

  • Programmable blinking, dilation and eye response to light
  • Programmable duration and intensity of convulsions


  • Prerecorded responses
  • Standard two way wireless streaming audio
  • Create and store vocal responses in any language
  • Instructor can simulate patient’s voice and listen to caregivers conversation wirelessly
  • Be the voice of the simulator and hear responses at distances up to 50 meters
  • Other

UNI® Simulator Control Software

  • Unified software for all Gaumard simulators – Interface design and controls are shared across the entire line of computer controlled Gaumard simulators.
  • 3D patient visualization monitor
  • Virtual patient monitor
  • Virtual fetal monitor (NOELLE Only)
  • Create your own linear or branching scenarios –add/edit
  • Includes preprogrammed scenarios
  • eCPRTM – Monitor rate and compression depth, no-flow time, ventilation rate, and excessive ventilation; smart trainer features vocal cues and outputs performance report.
  • Generate and share diagnostic lab results
  • Questionnaire form designer
  • Track team and individual provider actions
  • Time stamped event recording and reporting
  • Optional Automatic Mode responds to caregiver or instructor actions, pharmacologic intervention, injury or to cardiac and respiratory events.
  • No annual software license fee

Virtual Patient Monitor Patient Monitor

  • Interactive virtual patient monitor displays vital signs in real time
  • Display up to 18 numeric values
  • Display up to 20 dynamic waveforms
  • Customizable layout mimics real patient monitors
  • Customizable threshold alarms
  • Display simulated ultrasounds, CT scans, lab results, x-rays
  • 20” touchscreen monitor and 12” portable tablet configurations available
  • No annual software license fee


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