NEW AED Trainer With CPR Feedback.


XFT-120G AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Trainer is specifically designed to train first-aid personnel before they use an actual clinical AED. The AED Trainer completely simulates the operation of AED in the training guide and training program but does not deliver high voltage electric shock, protecting the safety of trainees. It can be used to help first-aid personnel get familiar with AED and master some necessary basic operating skills of using AED in the first aid process. Before using an AED, first-aid personnel should first complete training courses on how to respond calmly in a real accident. These training courses also include learning how to use an AED Trainer. Trained first-aid personnel should know how to assess a patient’s condition, such as loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, and cardiac arrest, and should be proficient in CPR and related medical procedures.

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