HAL S315.600 – CPR+D Skills Trainer Torso with OMNI® 2


HAL S315.600 is the newest addition to the S315 family of CPR skills trainers. The all-in-one durable design eliminates the need for external pumps, compressors, or attachments making this CPR training torso portable enough for traveling CPR outreach instructors, and strong enough to train professionals in-house.

  •    Adult-sized, male upper torso
  •    Available in light, medium, and dark skin tones at no additional cost
  •    Built-in wireless connectivity with range up to 30 ft.
  •    Compliant with 2015 adult CPR guidelines
  •    Anatomically correct landmarks for proper CPR hand placement
  •    Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, and trachea
  •    Lifelike head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust
  •    Practice nasal and oral Intubation with standard adjuncts
  •    Visible chest rise with bag valve mask ventilation
  •    Esophageal intubation and/or excessive ventilation produce gastric distension
  •    Right mainstem intubation presents unilateral chest rise
  •    Ventilation detection sensors
Cardiac / Circulation
  •    Illustrate 20+ shockable and non-shockable EKG rhythms
  •    Monitor and cardiovert rhythms using a real AED/defibrillator
  •    Effective chest compressions generate palpable carotid pulses
  •    Spontaneous breathing without need to fill reservoir
  •    Programmable respiratory rate with realistic chest rise
CPR with OMNI® 2
  •    Realistic chest cavity resistance and recoil
  •    Real-time feedback of CPR quality
    •      Compression depth and rate
    •      Ventilation Rate
    •      Excessive Ventilation
    •      No-Flow Time
    •      CPR Cycles
  •    Deliver up to 360 joules of real energy to skin patches or snap
  •    CPR metronome: audible tones help guide correct compression and ventilation rate & ratio
  •    Built-in resuscitation algorithm checklists for tracking individual and team actions
  •    eCPR™ performance report provides averages for each CPR metric and cycle
  •    Save, email, and print eCPR performance reports for debriefing and archiving
  •    Wireless control from up to 30 ft.
  •    Wireless interface with touchscreen display
  •    Optimized vital sign controls for on-the-fly operation
  •    Preprogrammed library of 20+ cardiac rhythms and options
  •    Compatible with optional virtual patient monitor
  •    Session records actions, vital signs, CPR metrics, and additional comments