HAL S315.300 Airway, CPR, and Auscultation Skills Trainer with OMNI® 2


HAL is an easy-to-use portable airway management and CPR skills trainer designed for teaching resuscitation and auscultation skills to students and professionals in EMS, Medicine, and Nursing. HAL features a high-fidelity airway, realistic heart and lungs sounds, and real-time CPR quality feedback to help you teach effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation and airway management.

HAL is also available in a full-body configuration.

  •    Adult-sized, male upper torso
  •    Available in light, medium, and dark skin tones at no additional cost
  •    Built-in wireless connectivity with range up to 30 ft.
  •    Compliant with 2015 adult CPR guidelines
  •    Anatomically correct landmarks for proper CPR hand placement
  •    Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, and trachea
  •    Realistic head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust
  •    Nasal and oral Intubation with standard adjuncts: ETT, LMA, King LT®
  •    CPR hand position landmarks
  •    Visible chest rise with bag-valve-mask ventilation
  •    Esophageal intubation and/or excessive ventilation produce gastric distension
  •    Right mainstem intubation presents unilateral chest rise
Cardiac / Circulation
  •    Palpable carotid pulses – Manually generated
  •    40 Programmable abnormal and normal heart and lung sounds
CPR with OMNI® 2
  •    Realistic chest cavity resistance and recoil
  •    Real-time feedback of CPR quality
    •      Compression depth and rate
    •      Ventilation Rate
    •      Excessive Ventilation
    •      No-Flow Time
    •      CPR Cycles
  •    CPR metronome: audible tones help guide correct compression and ventilation rate & ratio
  •    Built-in resuscitation algorithm checklists for tracking individual and team actions
  •    eCPR™ performance report provides averages for each CPR metric and cycle
  •    Save, email, and print eCPR performance reports for debriefing and archiving
  •    Wireless control from up to 30 ft.
  •    Wireless interface with touchscreen display
  •    Optimized vital sign controls for on-the-fly operation
  •    Compatible with optional virtual patient monitor
  •    Session records actions, vital signs, CPR metrics, and additional comments