Disorders of the Teeth and Jaw Anatomical Chart 9866


Disorders of the Teeth and Jaw chart shows with detailed labeled illustrations normal anatomy of the tooth and various tooth and jaw disorders.
The central image is a longitudinal section of a normal tooth
The following tooth disorders are illustrated and labeled

  •  periodontal disease
  •  three stages of dental caries
  •  abscess formation

Normal anatomy of the mandible and temporomandibular joint shown with details of jaw opened and closed ,
The following jaw disorders are illustrated and labeled:

  •            anterior dislocation of the TMJ
  •            TMJ deterioration from osteoporosis
  •             impaction – horizontal and mesioangular
  •             glandular problems

Also shows 12 dental anomalies: enamel hypoplasia, fusion, germination, microdontia, macrodontia, toothbrush abrasion, hypodontia, hyperdontia, pulp polyp, dens invaginatus, attrition, and erosion.


Size = 51cm x 66cm