Didactic Flexible Spine A58/8


The 5 different sections of the spinal column are differentiated by color on this human spine model. The features on this didactic flexible spine are:
7 cervical vertebrae
12 thoracic vertebrae
5 lumbar vertebrae
Use this spinal column replica for simplified patient education or for anatomy lessons in a classroom environment where the didactic colors help to immediately track the explanation about the human spine, even from a distance. This Didactic Flexible Spine Model is not only an extremely good value but it is also a durable spine of high quality. Other great features of this spine are:
Full pelvis and occipital plate
Fully flexible mounting throughout spine
L3-L4 disc prolapsed on spine
Spinal nerve exits
Cervical vertebral artery
Male pelvis
Stand is not included with didactic flexible spine, please see Stand for Spinal Columns and Skeletons.


Weight 1.799 kg
Dimensions  74 cm
Item No. 1000128