Code Blue III S300.100.250 Adult with OMNI® 2 ALS Simulator


The new Code Blue III Adult with OMNI® 2 allows participants to practice ALS skills using realistic code scenarios. The patient simulator’s all-wireless design facilitates realistic and immersive emergency simulation scenarios in situ, in transport, or in the lab without interruption.


• Wireless and tetherless design, fully operational in transit
• Includes internal battery and charger
• Wireless OMNI 2 simulator control interface included

• Realistic airway with tongue, visible vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus
• Supports Bag-Valve-Mask ventilations
• Supports head-tilt, chin-lift and jaw-thrust
• Supports oral and nasal intubation using standard devices
• Sensors detect and log endotracheal tube placement in the airway
• Audible vocal responses and sounds include: complaints, replies, gagging, cough, gasping, and more

• Cardiac rhythms are synchronized with ECG, selectable hart sounds, and palpable pulses
• Conductive skin regions allow for ECG monitoring using real equipment
• eCPR™ sensors track chest compression and ventilation performance in real-time

• Automatic pulses ◦ Carotid (bilateral)
◦ Brachial
◦ Radial
◦ Femoral (bilateral)

• Built-in compressor allows for the continuous operation of chest rise and pulses
• BP auscultation in left arm
• Auscultate Kortokoff sounds between systolic/diastolic pressures
• Intraosseous access at right tibia
• Intravenous access on the right arm
• Detect placement of pulse oximeter

• Visible gastric distension with excessive BVM ventilation

• Built-in compressor allows for continuous spontaneous chest rise and pulses
• Bilateral lung expansion with bag ventilation
• Unilateral chest rise with right mainstem intubation
• Bilateral lung sounds include wheezing, crackles, and squeaks
• Variable cyanosis intensities simulate hypoxic events and effective interventions

OMNI® 2 Wireless Control Interface
• Intuitive touchscreen interface with built-in wireless connectivity
• Make physiological changes on the fly or trend them over time
• Event Log records participant actions, vital signs changes, and input notes to support debriefing
• Monitor CPR quality metrics in real time ◦ Time to CPR
◦ Compression Depth/Rate
◦ Chest Recoil
◦ Compression Interruptions
◦ Ventilation Rate
◦ Excessive Ventilation

• Interactive checklist lets you easily track provider actions during the exercise
• Export CPR performance reports for debriefing

Communication and Power
• Powered from internal battery or wall
• Run simulations for up to 6 hours on the
battery power