Classic-Skull with Brain, 8-Parts A20/9


The 3 part medical quality human skull replica is a first choice for basic anatomical studies of the skull. This skull model includes an anatomically correct 5 part brain. This medical grade skull model also makes a great present for medical professionals and students of medicine and allied health professions.
High quality original skull cast
Skull is handmade from hard, unbreakable plastic
Highly accurate representation of the fissures, foramina, processes, sutures etc.
Can be disassembled into skull cap, base of skull and mandible
Mandible of skull is mounted on a spring to easily demonstrate natural movement

The 5 part brain is midsagitally divided human brain replica (C18) and is cast from an original specimen, lending anatomical accuracy to this model. The components of the left brain half are:

Frontal and parietal lobe
Temporal and occipital lobe
Encephalic trunk


Weight            1.58 kg

Dimensions    20 x 13.5 x 15.5 cm

Item No.          1020162