Blood Pressure Reading Skills Trainer with OMNI® 2 – S415.250



The Blood Pressure Training System with OMNI® 2 includes a full-size adult left arm that may also be attached to select Gaumard® adult simulators. This is a versatile training tool developed to assist health professionals teach the processes and skills required to perform blood pressure auscultation procedures and techniques. The package includes the new OMNI® 2 control tablet for simple, tap-and-go operation.



• Full-size left arm that may be attached to select Gaumard® simulators as a add on.

OMNI® 2 Controller
• Program systolic/diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and auscultation gap with just a tap of a button
• Tracks and displays cuff pressure clearly with graphic in real time
• Wireless connectivity with the simulator from up to 12 meters

Blood Pressure
• Auscultation ◦ Auscultate Phase I – Phase V Korotkoff sounds between systolic and diastolic pressures using real stethoscope
◦ Programmable auscultation gap
◦ Korotkoff sounds are automatically silenced if auscultation gap is selected
◦ Korotkoff sounds are responsive to the heart rate and the rate of cuff deflation
◦ Programmable blood pressure auscultation tutor

• Palpation ◦ Programmable, palpable radial pulse synchronized with heart rate
◦ Automatic return of radial pulse when cuff pressure is less than the selected systolic blood pressure

Optional External Speaker Set
• Play Korotkoff sounds through volume controlled speakers while auscultating with the stethoscope
• Incorporate collaborative learning by playing the Korotkoff sounds for numerous students simultaneously
• Available in 110 and 220 volt variety