Muscle Figure Life-Size Dual Sex 39 Part B53


This totally new life-size (68″) male/female model facilitates an understanding of human anatomy like no other human anatomy model in the world! The human that can be dissected, features a human torso that has the skin removed from one half showing the underlying musculature of the chest, back, abdomen, head and neck. The front wall of the torso detaches to reveal the inner structures and organs in tremendous detail. In all, 41 component parts can be dissected from the human anatomy model. The human anatomy model comes with wooden roller base.



The following Parts are removable from the human anatomy model:
2-Part head
Brain half
M. sternocleido stoideus
M. Deltoideus
M. Biceps brachii
M. Triceps brachii
M. Palmaris longus with m. Felxior carpi radialis
M. Brachioradialis with m. Extensor carpi radialis
Skin of the left arm
Muscled leg, upper part
Muscle leg, lower part
Skin of the left leg
Abdominal cover
Mammary gland
2 removable lungs
2-Part removable heart
Removable Liver
2-Part removable stomach
Removable kidney half
4-Part removable intestines
3-Part female genital insert with embryo
4-Part male genital
M. Satorius
M. Gluteus maximus
M. Rectus femoris
M. Gastrocnemius
M. Biceps femoris cap. L. with m. semitendinosus

Weight   34 kg

Dimensions  174 cm

Item No.  1000209