Arteriosclerosis Model, 4 sections


Cross-section of an artery showing 4 different stages of arteriosclerosis. The model demonstrates the narrowing of the artery due to the buildup of fatty deposits (cholesterol) and the formation of plaque. The Artery model is simulated with the softness of the renal artery. Starting with the normal artery which is done in soft material, up to the blockage which is done in hard material.

The Artery model contains 4 sections showing:

– healthy (soft)
– stage 1 (medium soft)
– stage 2 (medium-hard)
– stage 3 (hard)

The narrowing of arteries limits the flow of oxygen-rich blood to parts of the body and can result in a blockage by a thrombus. The stages are mounted rotatable. The model is movable and cannot be dismantled.

Size: 13 x 5 x 4 cm

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