Advanced simulator for artificial insemination (AI) of the cow


The simulator represents the rear half of a female breeding cattle on a base with castors. It enables the training and observation of the palpation manipulation that is carried out during the insemination process and the examination per rectum.

The set contains a complete artificial reproductive system, and uterus in the oestrus, and a handpiece. An interchangeable full-size representation of the reproductive system with characteristic anatomical structures, mounted in the correct anatomical position in the simulator structure, suspended in the pelvic cavity naturally imitates a natural suspension made of flexible materials, imitating them and offering a realistic treatment sensation of living Tissue – applies to the external elements (vulva) and internal (cervical). The internal organs of the model can be heated to natural temperature.

Specification: Length: approx. 95 cm, height: approx. 145 cm, width: approx. 50 cm.

Basic dimensions: 82 x 76 cm. Approximate weight. 50 kg.

Available as an option / spare part:
✓ uterus in oestrus
✓ Standard cervix for easy AI procedure
✓ Cervix for difficult AI procedure
✓ Uterus at different stages of pregnancy
✓ Set with ovaries: small follicles, large follicles, corpus luteum, cyst
✓ Insemination gel
✓ Silicone vagina tube
✓ Rectum (removable bag)
✓ The posterior part of the reproductive system
✓ tail


Code: EZVET3400